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Learn More About GreenRush’s Sour Georgia Pine Strain

Green Rush’s Sour Georgia Pine strain is terpene sauce that shines through the jar. A green sticker reading 10.28% terps was the final factor for picking it up. I couldn’t pinpoint the aromatics right away, once I disturbed the wet orange sauce with my dabber, pine, lemon, and sour fuel smells rolled out.The taste was […]

Washington’s Cannabis Industry Is Still Waiting For LeafData

Respect My Region previously reported that LeafData would black out temporarily during its initial launch on Jan 1. That turned out to be incorrect because LeafData never launched and instead was delayed a second time. LeafData’s newest projected release is February 1st. It’s been over three months since the Washington State Liquor Cannabis Control Board (WSLCB ) gave […]

Vermont and To Legalize Cannabis Despite Jeff Sessions

The United States cannabis legalization movement shows no signs of slowing. Vermont and New Jersey are set to legalize cannabis for adults this year despite Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ best efforts. At the beginning of the month, Sessions made headlines by putting cannabis legalization in danger by rescinding federal cannabis protections. These protections are colloquially […]

Falcanna Breeds Falcons & Cannabis With The Best Of Them

Bethany Rondeau jogs towards the skirmish and ends the duck’s life quickly, much more quickly than if the raptor were left alone with it. She’s more concerned with the duck’s feelings than the raptor ever would be. It’s just expressing the prehistoric DNA coursing through its veins. Bethany wants to make the death as painless […]

Learn About Low Temperature Dabbing

The Oregonian released a story citing a study by Portland State University chemistry professor Robert Strongin. The article states carcinogens are released when terpenes present in butane hash oil (BHO) are vaporized on nails at temperatures above 750 degrees Fahrenheit and 932 degrees Fahrenheit.  Methacrolein and benzene are the carcinogens in question, respectively. BHO concentrates are […]