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Watch Marshawn Lynch Punk a Sandwich Shop

Here in the greater Seattle area, basically everyone has heard of Marshawn Lynch. Also known as Beastmode, Lynch’s time in Seattle inspired thousands of fans to beast through life. When it comes to cannabis, why would you not want a powerful strain, capable of beastmode’ing you into submission? The video below features Marshawn Lynch in […]

Strains To Elevate Your Destiny 2 Experience

It’s time to dust off your controller and reassemble the fire team. The tower has been taken by a ruthless faction of the Cabal. The traveler is gone and with it, the light. We need you Guardian, get into the fight! The long-awaited arrival of Bungie’s massively popular MMO-RPG first-person shooter Destiny 2 is finally […]

Follow The GreenRush Climb Team With Update #1

The GreenRush team are more than just marijuana growers and processors, they’re ambassadors of the cannabis lifestyle. Keep up with the team and see how they’re spending their Summer as it winds down and makes its colorful turn into Fall. See where the GreenRush Climb Team has been lately. They’re constantly tackling the Pacific Northwest’s […]

Week 7 NFL Highlight Round Up With Professor Chaos

Professor Chaos is a sativa hybrid that packs a lot more bark than bite. With such a menacing name, you’d think a conscious slashing experience would follow. What you get is a mellow brain buzz with some body relaxation too. I like using Professor Chaos before I cook or grocery shop. It helps me get […]

Learn About The Dr. Who #6 Strain

Dr. Who #6 is a strain worthy of the BBC One’s Timelord.  This beauty is the product of crossing Mad Scientist and Timewreck. Mad Scientist is the creation of Sannie’s Seeds. This indica-hybrid was made by crossing Herijuana and White Widow. Mad Scientist is associated with heavy sedative effects and a citrus flavor profile, per […]

What Are Portable Dab Rigs?

The concentrate game is still niche in the grand scheme of the cannabis industry. However, concentrates themselves and the delivery systems for dabbing are getting better at an exponential rate. Only three years ago, I was taking dabs off of a red-hot metal nail with a duck taped seal. Well, dab-heads in Washington have long […]

GreenRush Social Media Product Spotlight: 10/20/17

GreenRush has a faithful following of stoners, bud tenders, and cannabis connoisseurs. See who’s catching the rush through GreenRush’s social media and how everyone is elevating their lives with GreenRush cannabis.   #Repost @twilighttoker2.0 (@get_repost) ・・・ Only the best will do! Blue Locktite @greenrush_llc_2.0 The way it should be 💚 #weedhumor #weedporn #weedart #weedstagram420 #cannabis […]

Learn How To Smoke Out Of A Bong

Loading a bong is simple in concept. Put the weed in the bowl, you light it, and you smoke it. Over the years of smoking with glass, you learn some tricks along the way. These little details will elevate your bong smoking experience from just a way to smoke, to your favorite way to smoke. Select […]