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Do Not Miss Seattle’s Most Stoned Emcees at Nectar Lounge

This September 27th, in celebration of winning Seattle’s Best Online Publication award, our friends at Respect My Region are co-hosting the first local music and cannabis event open to the community. RMR and Northwest Leaf (Magazine) have partnered to bring Seattle the first-ever cannabis & music event open to the public. Our partnership with Respect My […]

10 Reasons You Should Enjoy Green Rush Cannabis Every Day

The benefits of smoking pot have been guesstimated by advocates of marijuana legalization for quite some time. Thanks to new laws surrounding the “legalization” of cannabis, researchers can study the drug’s medicinal uses and better understand how it legitimately impacts the body. According to Business Insider, the chemicals in marijuana that are believed to have […]

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Butter at Home

Butter is one of those foods that has been used to cook almost every type of meal Americans have ever consumed. Whether it’s chocolate chip cookies, toast and jam, turkey dinners, or chicken and potatoes, for whatever reason, butter is a regular part of our diet here in the states. When it comes to cooking with […]

Watch Leafly Test The Walmart Rosin Press

The Green Rush team recently came across an article on Leafly that featured their team testing out their new Walmart rosin press. We’re not sure why Leafly didn’t call us up to press some of our infamous Tangelina Jolie, but we won’t hold it against them. Their website is a great resource for everyone connected […]

Watch A Democrat, Independent, and Republican Smoke Weed

The world is a crazy place and these days, we could all use a little quality cannabis to help us chill out. Today, the Green Rush team recommends grabbing some of our Locktite and tuning into our favorite cannabis-based video series, Strange Buds. Find GreenRush at these awesome retail partners. The Seattle-based WatchCut team is […]

Watch A Priest, Rabbi, And An Atheist Smoke Weed Together

Today, the Green Rush team recommends grabbing some of our infamous 9lb Hammer and tuning into our team’s favorite cannabis-based video series, Strange Buds. If the hammer doesn’t knock you out, make sure you visit your local cannabis retailer for something more potent, perhaps one of our concentrates. Find GreenRush at these awesome retail partners. […]

Watch People Smoking Weed On A Blind Date

The world of weed can be an interesting place, especially for someone who is single. With so many different dating apps, social media platforms, and events going on all at the same time, the thought of meeting someone can be quite overwhelming. For a long time, marijuana has been known to help with anxiety. If […]

U.S. Veterans With PTSD Smoking Weed

The Green Rush team is full of people who come from many different backgrounds. Recently, one of our team member’s family members showed us this video from Stranger Buds that features U.S. Veterans with PTSD smoking weed. Although cannabis use is not yet approved by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, post traumatic stress disorder affects […]

Why There Is No Best App For Weed Users

In today’s cannabis industry, there are a few weed technology apps who are really starting to carve out their niche. One such company is Leafly, a cannabis resource website most well known for their strain guide and dispensary locator. You can actually find Green Rush listed on their site here right now. Even with the growing […]