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Find Out How Much Weed Snoop Dogg Smokes A Week!

Snoop Dogg reigns as one of the most infamous cannabis-centric celebrities for good reason—he’s constantly chiefing! Have you ever thought to yourself—how much weed does Snoop actually smoke? He took to Reddit last year to field such questions on an AMA (ask me anything) thread. Along with questions about other celebrities he’s smoked with, and fun […]

PTSD & Cannabis: Watch This Video To Learn More

“Marijuana use for medical conditions is an issue of growing concern. Some Veterans use marijuana to relieve symptoms of PTSD and several states specifically approve the use of medical marijuana for PTSD. However, controlled studies have not been conducted to evaluate the safety or effectiveness of medical marijuana for PTSD. Thus, there is no evidence […]

Rapper Weed Is A Real Thing

Berner – Girl Scout Cookies Berner has the most popular and successful cannabis collaboration in the game with the Cookies Family. The Cookies Family are the originators of Girl Scout Cookies and other Cookies strains such as Sunset Sherbert, Gelato and Cherry Pie. These hybrids are respected around the world because of their one of […]

What Is A Vaporizer? #CatchTheRush

What Is A Vaporizer? The idea behind vaporizers is to ignite cannabis using a heating coil instead of an open flame. A vape pen is exactly what it sounds like, a pen-shaped device that contains a rechargeable battery and heating element. It didn’t take long for the convenience and discrete aspects of e-cigarettes to be […]

Favorite GR Strains For Halloween

Professor Chaos This mellow indica hybrid will ease you into the Halloween weekend. This strain is great for a scary movie marathon. The relaxation from this strain will have you settled in for the night, but mentally aware for the ghosts, goblins, and monsters on the screen. Dr. Who #6 This black and purple flower […]