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10 Reasons Why You Should Try GreenRush Cannabis

Until we know more about the science and health behind cannabis use, the reasons below are the best we could find as to why someone should enjoy weed every day. 10 Reasons You Should Enjoy Weed Every Day 1. Weed can help with digestive issues. 2. Cannabis can help with chronic pain and inflammation. 3. Sativa […]

Cannabis 101: Intro To Vaping Cannabis

It’s no secret that cannabis is available for consumption in a myriad of ways for users young and old to enjoy. Cannabis no longer needs to be solely consumed by smoking means, as various vaporizers have sprung up on the market. Cannabis can release the same effects and THC compounds when the proper amount of […]

Cannabis 101: Intro to Bongs Pipes and Other Glass

Glass pipes are an extremely common method for smoking cannabis. You can purchase glass in a variety of forms. These forms include bongs and pipes. The main difference between these two methods is that bongs require water and most pipes don’t. There are many reasons for smoking cannabis with pipes or bongs made of glass. […]

Legal Cannabis Purchasing Limits In Washington

Forms of cannabis outside of flower have evolved to fit the consumer market. With legalization and strict regulation from the government, there have been strict limits imposed. These limits impact the amount of cannabis that someone can have with them and/or purchase from a recreational store. These legal limits exist to regulate the market and […]

Learn About Dabbing & Concentrates

Dabbing has seriously taken off in popularity over the last few years. For all kinds of people, they are a simple and easy way to smoke. They allow you to save weed while getting really high. This method of smoking concentrates offers a variety of types of oil that can be smoked. While some might […]

Learn About Different Types Of Terpenes

Terpenes are hydrocarbons seen in the oils of plants. While they are an important part of the cannabis plant, terpenes are also found in all fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Terpenes are responsible for providing flavors and also usually produce a highly potent natural aroma. While terpenes differ from one strain to another, there are a number […]

Best Restaurants In Tacoma

Often overlooked by the many passer-byers along the I-5 freeway, Tacoma, Washington surprisingly has some of the best food and cooks people can find. The under the rader, city is  filled with tons of art, foods, and culture that many people don’t ever get a glimpse at. As the city gets busier and more and […]

The Joint In Bellingham Is One Of Washington’s Best Dispensaries

Bellingham, Washington is the newest location for the recreational cannabis powerhouse, The Joint. After establishing themselves in Burlington, Burien, Lake Stevens, Seattle, Kirkland, Tacoma and Wenatchee, the latest addition is Bellingham. A perfect spot for a strong cannabis shop like The Joint, with a strong market in the area, especially with Western Washington University nearby, […]

Mary Mart Supervisor Interviews With GreenRush

Mary Mart Tacoma is the go-to recreational dispensary where cannabis consumers can find the highest quality products, the best customer service and an incomparable cannabis experience. They have been providing a great experience for everyone in the Tacoma area the last several years. Check out the brief interview between us and Mary Mart’s own Supervisor, Connor. […]