Berner Helps Launch Cookies Los Angeles Recreational Retailer

Cookies Los Angeles

Proposition 64 legalized the sale of recreational cannabis in California as of Jan. 1. Of the thousand or so businesses that opened their doors to adults 21 and over, none were more anticipated than Cookies Los Angeles in Maywood.

Cookies Comes To SoCal

The Cookies Los Angeles debut was met with a line that wrapped around the block. Hundreds of people waited eagerly to buy strains like Biscotti, Lemonchello #19, Sherbet, Gelato, London Pound Cake and of course, the original Cookies strain. The fanfare was capped off with taco truck catering and star-studded cameo’s from B-Real and Berner himself, who was helping customers and hanging out with fans.

Berner is a rapper and cannabis entrepreneur. He’s the face of Cookies Fam’s cannabis and has helped turn the Cookies brand into a cannabis phenomenon. They have a cult following in the cannabis and hip-hop communities. Berner has done a tremendous job of intertwining Cookies references into well-crafted verses, adding to the brand’s luxurious aura. His latest album release “The Big Pescado,” coincided with the Cookies Los Angeles debut.

“I hit the G- pen on the plane then I take me a nap (I’m out)
The lemoncello’s so good that I keep every batch (I keep it all)
But you can grab a QP, just throw me a rack (I need a G)” Noid, The Big Pescado

Cookies Los Angeles Helps Community

Stoners and hip-hop heads weren’t the only people excited about the Cookies Fam and Berner’s move into the recreational cannabis industry. Maywood’s city officials are using recreational cannabis profits to bolster the city’s economy. Maywood gets 6 percent of Cookies Los Angeles profits for allowing them to operate in the city. That direct tax will be used to pay the city’s debt, fund city services, build up city infrastructure, and construct a new sheriff’s substation.

The Cookies Fam is one of the most infamous breeders in cannabis culture. They’re the creators of the original Cookies strain that started a cookies revolution. You’re likely to find some kind of cookies strain on any retail or medical shelf on the west coast. Cookies strains are synonymous with frosted, colorful flowers that produce memorable flavors and euphoric effects. They used the original Cookies genetics to breed the likes of Gelato, Sherbet, and Biscotti. The Cookies Fam have stolen the hearts of occasional cannabis users and connoisseurs alike.

Berner has helped normalize cannabis through his music, social media presence and Cookies branded clothing. Holding down a spot in the recreational market will continue their push to make Cookies one of the most recognizable names in the cannabis industry.

As glamorous as the Cookies Fam life is, there’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make it happen. All of the work paid off, Cookies Los Angeles is a premier cannabis retailer in Southern California, part of the largest recreational cannabis market in the world. More than that, their work is directly helping rebuild the Maywood community. Something that goes far beyond growing and smoking weed.

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