Enjoy the Dopest Plays From NFL Week 11 With Nurse Joy

Enjoy the Dopest Plays From NFL Week 11 With Nurse Joy

There isn’t much better than smoking cannabis and watching football. Nurse Joy will coat cover your pallet and give you brain buzzing sativa effects.  Let Nurse Joy warm your senses as the nights get colder and longer. This sativa is perfect to keep your spirits high when you haven’t see the sun for a few days. It will also keep you on the edge of your seat when you watch these amazing plays from NFL week 11.

NFL Week 11 Dopest Plays

Alvin Kamara bobbles the ball and still scores.

Adam Theilen turns up the sideline and outruns the Rams to the end zone. 

Josh Doctson makes these insane catches routinely. 

Nathan Who? 

Roger-Lewis makes the best catch of the week to win the game for the Giants. 

A.J. Green makes incredible adjustment in the end zone for the score. 

Flacco drops a dime into the arm of Mike Wallace for six. 

Brandon Cooks scorches the Raider defense. 

Watch the best toe drag catches of the week. 

Listen to Duke Johnson Jr. mic’d up against the Jaguars.

Best touchdown celebrations of the week. 

Big Sheldon Richardson gets his first sack on a key third down stop. 

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