Blue Sugar Cookies Snap and Pull

Blue Sugar Cookies sound like groupies for the Blue Man Group, but it happens to be another sweet name for a cannabis strain. Blue Sugar Cookies came about by breeding Blueberry with the Sugar Cookies strain. Blueberry was bred by notorious breeder DJ Short through combining several exotic landrace strains, Leafly reports. This is the same Blueberry that was combined with Super Silver Haze and is the indica parent used to create Blue Dream.

Sugar Cookies is a rare strain that was bred by Oregon Green Seed, per SeedFinder. She’s a combination of a Mint Girl Scout Cookies phenotype, Sugar Chunk and Chocolate Trip. The Sugar Cookies strain is a relaxing indica strain with an incredibly sweet smell.

Snap and pull is a form of extract that is lesser known than its counterparts like shatter and sugar wax, but it’s the most versatile of the bunch. If you leave snap and pull in a room temperature setting, it will become a gummy sticky consistency. You can roll it or ball it up which makes it easy to combine with flower in joints and blunts. Throw your Blue Sugar Cookies snap and pull in the freezer for a few minutes and it will turn into shatter. You can smash and break into any size pieces you need for the perfect dab.

The Blue Sugar Cookies snap and pull is a relaxing indica hybrid; it carries Sugar Cookies sweet and pungent smell with Blueberry’s flavorful terpene profile that pops on your pallet. The combination of sweet and berry terpenes is like dabbing a slice of blueberry pie in front of a warm fireplace in the dead of winter.

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