Professor Chaos at Kushmart North Everett

Professor Chaos is a strain that sounds like a horror movie of a cannabis experience, but this strain has more bite than bark. This strain is a combination Jack The Ripper and Mad Scientist, which probably adds to its intimidating nature if you aren’t familiar with them.

The Mad Scientist strain is an indica that combines Herijuana with White Widow to give you a relaxing indica with hints of sweet lemon and coffee, per Leafly. Jack the Ripper packs a paranoid sativa punch. Crossing these two extremes results in a mellow sativa hybrid.

Professor Chaos has a deep purple color late in the flowering process, with dark purple and black leaves that reach into the air, adding to its menacing appearance. The overall dark color allows the trichomes and hairs to stand out, making it one of the prettiest girls in the garden.

Professor Chaos sugar wax


Professor Chaos hits you like a relaxing sativa. You will feel it in your body like an indica, but it also brings waves of gentle cerebral stimulation. You could dab this sugar wax during the day or night depending on the type of dabber you are, even the greenest of stoners shouldn’t be overwhelmed by Professor Chaos. Pairing this with a coffee and it will be the kick start you need for any day of the week. As always, make sure and hit these dabs at a low temperature and taste the sour grape terpenes that Professor Chaos is known for.

*GreenRush Cannabis is a WA i502 producer-processor located in the scenic Snohomish Valley. We produce a clean, sophisticated crop that has become a preferred brand for a number of top shops in Washington state known for our consistent terpene flavor, high quality, and deep impact.