Crown Royal OG Strain Spotlight

The Crown Royal OG strain from Green Rush was bred and crafted by their Lead Grower Blake Brush, formerly of RedEyed Genetics. Crown Royal OG has an extensive genealogy, making it one of the most exclusive and historical strains Green Rush has to offer.


“Crow Royal OG is by far one of my favorite strains I’ve bred. Straight up gasoline terpenes with a beautiful chemical OG backend,” Brush wrote on his Instagram about Crown Royal OG.

The high from the Crown Royal OG is a potent hybrid effect. A noticeable stoney feeling behind the eyes and mental stimulation come on right away. There’s some cerebral raciness with this strain, telling of the Chemdawg genetics. The peak of this high can be rather intense,  If you’re prone to paranoia when you consume cannabis, avoid this strain before bed time.

Crown Royal OG is a cross Royal Chem and Epoxy OG. Epoxy OG finished 2nd place in the 2016 Seeker Cup. Epoxy OG is the product of Josey Whales’ original Gorilla Glue #4 and Double Barrel OG. Gorilla Glue #4 is a two-time Cannabis Cup winner and is consistently a top seller in Washington’s recreational market. Royal Chem is crossed between Chemdawg 91 and Deadhead OG. Chemdawg 91 was used to make Royal Chem and Deadhead OG. The Chemdawg family are usually potent hybrids known for their diesel and skunky aroma profile. The Chemdawg’s have strong head and body effects.

Crown Royal OG has the diesel skunkyness from the mysterious Chemdawg family line and all the bag appeal from the Gorilla Glue #4. Making this a sativa-hybrid with bud structure that resembles a dank indica. Small dense nugs that are covered in trichomes. The hairs are sparse, but thick and vibrant orange.

This strain would be great for a day time smoke sesh and is recommended for the veteran smoker. This strain is surprisingly potent for only testing slightly above 18 percent. Crown Royal OG’s Chemdawg lineage combined with Epoxy OG’s Gorilla Glue influence makes for an incredibly strong effect. Crown Royal is a great example of why you shouldn’t choose cannabis strictly on potency numbers. A strains terpene profile is just as important for effect. Pay attention to how a strain makes you feel. For the ones you like, find strains with similar lineage and there is a good chance you will find a similar effect.

*GreenRush Cannabis is a WA i502 producer-processor located in the scenic Snohomish Valley. We produce a clean, sophisticated crop that has become a preferred brand for a number of top shops in Washington state known for our consistent terpene flavor, high quality, and deep impact.

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