Learn About The Golden Panda Stain

Golden Panda is a strange strain. It’s all about effect over appeal. A cross between Pineapple OG and Gold Nugget, this strain might not have the pungent aroma and color of other strains in the Green Rush garden, but what Golden Panda lacks in ascetics, it more than makes up for with its high.

Pineapple OG is a cross between the more well-known Pineapple Express and some random OG Kush phenotype, Leafly reports. This is a 70 percent sativa leaning hybrid that packs a peppery pineapple taste with a stiff cerebral buzz.

Gold Nugget is the tropical consequence of mixing Stardawg and the Golden Goat strain, per Leafly. This hybrid is recommended for daytime use because of its mood and creativity-boosting properties.

Learn About The Golden Panda Stain

However, the genetics combine on this one, it comes out a 60/40 indica leaning hybrid, according to Blake Brush, Lead Grower of Green Rush. The trichomes stack brilliantly on the flowers, and the bland aroma, luckily, doesn’t translate to the taste.

The smoke’s taste is something like a lemon OG sour candy. Lemon-lime citrus with hints of pineapple was another was it was described. The terpene profile is prominent and it has a cult following for its “strong stone,” Blake explained.

Indica leaning hybrids are good for winding down after work or on the weekends. The pain relief and body feel will help you recover for your next endeavor. The Pineapple genetics pack enough mental stimulation to keep the couch lock at bay.

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