Learn About The Oregon Diesel Strain

Recovery is an overlooked aspect of working out. You can’t get back under the weights if your body is still sore and stiff from the last workout. If you think of the brain as a muscle, it needs to recover after a hard workout as well, the workout being the stresses of reality. Your brain needs to recover from a stressful day just like your legs needs it after 10 sets of deadlifts.

Staying with the exercise metaphors, would you drink your pre-workout after your done lifting? Think of sativa strains as pre-workout, they might not be the best thing to smoke to quell your thoughts. A good indica strain acts like a post workout protein shake that replenishes and repairs your muscles.

Oregon Diesel is an indica bred and designed to flourish in the Pacific Northwest. Crossing Blackberry with NYC Diesel, Homegrown Natural Wonders created a fantastic indica strain that will put you in the mood to enjoy a rainy day in Seattle.

Learn About The Oregon Diesel Strain

Oregon Diesel combines two hybrids into a stout indica leaning experience. The berry terpene profile is dominant with hints of that classic diesel fuel at the back end.

“Berry lovers rejoice!” Blake Brush exclaimed, Lead Grower of Green Rush.

Brush explains his favorite traits of the Oregon Diesel strain. Bright violet flowers that are dripping in wet trichomes, a characteristic that is rare in heavy purple strains. Oregon Diesel is a “mouth-watering pallet pleaser,” Brush said.

Oregon Diesel is a smooth comedown strain that will ease your mind and body. Enjoy the raspberry and diesel terpenes as you day dream about your weekend.