Learn About The Dr. Who #6 Strain

Dr. Who #6 Strain Highlight

Dr. Who #6 is a strain worthy of the BBC One’s Timelord.  This beauty is the product of crossing Mad Scientist and Timewreck.

Mad Scientist is the creation of Sannie’s Seeds. This indica-hybrid was made by crossing Herijuana and White Widow. Mad Scientist is associated with heavy sedative effects and a citrus flavor profile, per Leafly.

Timewreck is another creation by TGA Subcool Seeds. This strain was created by breeding Blood Wreck with Vortex. A more common name for those is Chernobyl and Qrazy Train respectively.

“With the success of Chernobyl and Qrazy Train, two hybrids created using our Blood Wreck, I wanted to see what would happen if we crossed my favorite strain Vortex with genetics held in Blood Wreck a strain I am not partial to but love its medicinal effect,” Per TGA Subcool Seeds. The result was a powerful, almost disorienting sativa effects with waves of creativity coming to you on the come down.

Dr. Who #6 strain

Dr. Who #6 starts turning almost completely jet black in color during the last two weeks of the flowering process. The dark flower allows a sea of trichomes to shine across the entire flower. Green Rush tested Dr. Who #6’s terpene profile and the results showed high myrcene content. This would account for the strong sedative effects as well as the spicy, almost tobacco like flavors that come across. The grape terpenes shine though both aroma and flavor profiles. Lick your lips after you smoke it and hints of grape swisher come to mind.

This strain is as potent of hybrid as you’re going to find. Powerful mental stimulation paired with heavy body feels makes this strain best for veteran cannabis users. Even a few hits of this strain can send you into a wormhole, a few bowls and you might find yourself I a different timeline just like the Timelord, Dr. Who herself.