Learn About The Snoop’s Dream Strain

Learn About The Snoop's Dream Strain

Many celebrities have cannabis strains named after them. Willy Nelson has Willy’s Wonder Kush. Margaret Cho has Margaret Cho-G. Marshawn Lynch as BeastMode OG and oven Barack Obama has a strain called Obama Kush. Some make more sense than others, one that makes the more sense than most is Snoop’s Dream. The cannabis strain named after none other than Snoop D-O- Double-G himself.

Some people think the original Snoop’s Dream is just a random phenotype of Blue Dream that Snoop Dogg liked enough to buy pounds and pounds of. While there may be some truth to that, Snoop’s Dream still became its own strain. It’s the product of breeding Master Kush with Blue Dream, reportedly two of the Rappers favorite strains, per the Cannabist.

Learn About The Snoop's Dream Strain

Master Kush is bred from two different Hindu landrace strains. The Dutch White Label Seed Company breeds this straight indica. Master Kush has all the relaxation and body buzzing effects, but with a touch more mental awareness than you’d expect with an indica, Leafly reports.

It seems everyone loves Blue Dream. Snoop Dogg is a legendary rapper, and cannabis influencer. He has the connections to smoke anything he wants, and he still loves Blue Dream. This is telling of Blue Dream’s stable genetic profile that carries bag appeal, terpenes, and effect.

Snoop’s Dream look takes after the Blue Dream. With eye-catching bag appeal and indigo-blue sprinkles throughout dark green flower and widespread, bright orange hairs. The berry terpenes are noticeable in the aroma profile, with Master Kush’s earthy and piney taste spotlighted in the taste, Leafly reports.

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