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Legends and influencers that many of us grew up with have been dropping like flies in the last few years. Wes Craven, David Bowie, Prince, Scott Weiland all passed away, but the one that still bums me out when I hear a song come on at work is Chris Cornell.

Cornell killed himself back in May. Many, including Cornell’s wife, speculate that it was because of a lapse of sobriety or accidental overdose with his prescribed anti-anxiety information, per Wikipedia. A true legend and one of the unique voices in music left us. At least we have his many songs and albums to get us through our bad days, like audio time capsules containing wisdom and inspiration.

Grab your favorite concentrate and light up the torch while Audioslave and Soundgarden blast over your speakers. I decided to pick up some of GreenRush’s Locktite sugar wax to help lock me into my one-man Cornell listening party. The Locktite Sugar Wax has a loud diesel-citrus terpene profile will a strong sedative and relaxing indica effects.

Check out some of our favorite Cornell songs and playlists.

Audioslave Greatest Hits YouTube Playlist

James Bond 21: Casino Royale Opening “You Know My Name”

Audioslave Spotify Playlist

Soundgarden Spotify Playlist

Soundgarden Official Music Video YouTube Playlist

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