Low Temp Dabs: What You Should Know

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Anyone who has been dabbing or smoking concentrates for a long time has most likely taken dabs off a hot nail. Red hot, or even being close to red hot, isn’t the proper way to dab.

Nobody knows any better at first. You attempt to dab like you smoke weed, just put heat to solvent and get high, but through the years of trial and error and learn there is a lot more subtlety and technique to dab the correct way.

If you’ve ever heard of low temp dabbing, now is the time to learn what’ve you’ve been missing. The easiest way to make sure your dab is low temperature is simply by using your stopwatch app on your smartphone. Set it up and fire up your torch. Heat your torch up and when it starts glowing red/orange, hit the lap button.

Now you’re letting the nail cooldown watch your timer.

The amount of time you let the nail cool down really depends on the type of nail, let’s just say it’s quartz. Most quartz nails take at least 45 seconds to cool down before you hit the correct temperature.

If it’s thick like a 4mm, then you will want to wait up to a minute and thirty seconds.

There will be a three to five dab practice period when you’re zeroing the timing of your nail.

If you see the remaining oil in your nail is black or its crusted to the nail, it was too hot when you did you dab. You want a warm brown puddle for remains. This will make for easy clean up with Q-tips. If you didn’t get it all cleaned quite quickly enough, you can burn off the rest with your torch with ease.

Learn more about the benefits of low-temperature dabs and techniques with these materials.

Why Low Temperature Dabbing Is Important For Safety and Experience

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