NFL Week 10 Recap With Pineapple Dream

NFL week 10

I’ve been a proponent all season long of the quality of football. However, NFL week 10 was a drag. Blow outs, penalties, coaches making questionable decisions, and teams playing down to their competition. It was rough to get through at times, so I rolled up a gram of Pineapple Dream to power through the afternoon games. A nice sativa hybrid with pungent pineapple aromatics. This strain increases focus and creativity while delivering a sweet pineapple taste that seems fake at first. You lick your lips and there are still hints of the terpene profile. The taste and high will wake you up and keep you ready all the way through Sunday Night Football.

Pineapple Dream

NFL Week 10 Highlights

Seahawks versus Cardinals

That Action Green Though.

Saints versus Bills

These teams are trending in opposite directions from where they started off.

Bears versus Packers

The Bears blew it.

Browns versus Lions

The Browns probably won’t win a game this season.

Steelers versus Colts

This was a good game because the Steelers played down to the Colts level.

Chargers versus Jaguars

Jaguars tried hard to lose this game, but scrape it out in over time.

Jets versus Buccaneers

The Jets played bad and gave the Bucs a chance to win it.

Bengals versus Titans

Mariota returning gives Tennessee a chance at the playoffs.

Vikings versus Redskins

Vikings look like one of the best teams in the NFL behind Case Keenum.

Texans versus Rams

The Rams are for real and Houston found out the hard way.

Cowboys versus Falcons

The Cowboys look lost without Zeke.

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