NFL Week 11 Highlight Round Up With Professor Chaos

NFL Week 11 Highlight Round Up With Professor Chaos

NFL week 11 is over. Better enjoy the season while it lasts, we’re nearing the two-thirds mark of the 2017 NFL season. This week has several unexpected outcomes. The Chiefs look like straight TRASH after their 12-9 loss to the Giants  The Redskins blew a 20 something point lead to the Saints which helped spice up the NFC playoff picture. The Bills started Nathan Peterman…… I still don’t know who that is, but he threw five interceptions  in the first half. That’s more than Tyrod Taylor threw the first 10 weeks of the season.

If your fantasy team crumbled like mine did, grab some Professor Chaos and ease your worries. It’s a mellow sativa that will calm your mind and focus your mind for the Sunday night game. It has flavors that are reminiscent of loud dank grape juice. If you like dabbing, try Professor Chaos in a beautiful golden shatter form.

NFL Week 11 Highlights

Steelers versus Titans 

Buccaneers versus Dolphins

Lions versus Bears

Jaguars versus Browns

Ravens versus Packers

Cardinals versus Texans

Rams versus Vikings

Redskins versus Saints

Chiefs versus Giants

Bills versus Chargers

Bengals versus Broncos

Patriots versus Raiders

Eagles versus Cowboys

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