Remembering Tom Petty With Royal Locktite Shatter

Tom Petty

2017 is a cruel unrelenting bixch of a year. On top of shootings, and natural disasters, we’ve lost a slew of legendary musicians and artists. Tom Petty is the latest one to bite the dust, after he was found completely unresponsive in his home at the age of 66. Tom Petty has been entertaining generations for four decades, making yearly stops at the Gorge in eastern Washington. He became such a staple in the state I took Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers for granted and now I have missed the chance to see them forever. Missing Top Petty live might be my first true regret in life, and it sucks. He had a track for every emotion life can throw at you, and you could choose the entire soundtrack of your life with only Tom Petty tracks. There may not have been a better song writer in rock and roll history.

Check out some of my favorite songs, videos, playlists and moments from the legendary career of Tom Petty. I will be taking dabs of GreenRush’s Royal Locktite while I cruise down memory lane with the main heartbreaker himself. Cheers.

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