Ganesh Vapes & GreenRush Concentrates A Winning Combination

BHO concentrates are a staple in the recreational scene. Many of the notable extraction companies use butane to extract the THC, CBD, and terpenes from the plant material which leaves the final solvent that is dabbed. The excess butane and other impurities are purged out with heat and what’s left is your concentrate.

Slight variations of extraction variables paired with different cannabis strains is what gives you all of your many concentrate varieties. The Oregonian released a story citing a study by Portland State University chemistry professor Robert Strongin. The article states carcinogens are released when terpenes present in butane hash oil (BHO) are vaporized on nails at temperatures above 750 degrees Fahrenheit and 932 degrees Fahrenheit.  Methacrolein and benzene are the carcinogens in question, respectively.

The Oregonian doesn’t specify what brand of concentrates were used in the study, only the terpene profiles and that they were BHO. “We don’t want to say things like this are just bad,” Strongin told The Oregonian. “It really depends on the user.”

The most popular type of equipment used for low temp dabbing is a type of nail called a “quartz banger,” which is a small bucket that you scoop your dabs into. Pair this with carb cap that acts as a seal to retain as much heat in the nail as possible to melt the dab and cut down on waste.  Quartz is the most popular because it heats up relatively quickly and has great retention properties.

The temperature goal for successful low temp dabbing is between 350 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit, High Times reports. This allows the cannabinoids and terpenes to melt all the way; providing the full spectrum of the strain’s effect without burning your throat and scorching the flavor.

The smaller the dab, the less you will want the nail to heat up, and vice-versa. You will know if your nail is too hot because the remnant oil will be a singed and black instead of warm and brown. It should be easily cleaned up with a Q-tip. Cleaning your nail after every dab will keep your nail fresh for months and keep your dabs tasting clean. An electronic nail provides an easier way to experience low temp dabs, but it can be costly if you want a reliable set-up. Consistently dabbing a torch and nail at low temperatures is absolutely possible, it just takes research and practice.

“Preference is part of it, but you never want to get any concentrate too hot, Linn said.” “It burns away the terpenes, which in effect takes away from the taste and the potency of the product.”

There are several factors to consider when your cooling down your nail, but the most important part is to have the same starting point for every dab; so heat the nail red hot, until it’s slightly glowing orange. A nail that is visibly glowing orange or red will be around 800 degrees Fahrenheit, per High Times. Let it cool down from this point for anywhere from 45 seconds to a minute and 30 seconds depending on the thickness of your nail and the size of your dab. Linn explains there will be a trial and error period for each nail and type of solvent (rosin, distillate, shatter, etc,) to zero in the heat to maximize the taste and effect.

“Most people take minimally sized dabs compared to some of the dabs I’ve taken,” Linn continued, “it depends on where people are at with their tolerance level.”

GreenRush Cannabis is a WA i502 producer-processor located in the scenic Snohomish Valley. We produce a clean, sophisticated crop that has become a preferred brand for a number of top shops in Washington state known for our consistent terpene flavor, high quality, and deep impact.

Ganesh Vapes and GreenRush Concentrates Make Great Travel Buddies

I discovered Ganesh Vapes during my short time as a budtender. I sold a few of the Silver Lamp Kits and their sleek design, packaging, and logo always caught my attention. The Hindu god Ganesha is worshipped as the remover of obstacles, a god of arts and sciences and the representative of intellect and wisdom, a fitting mascot for a cannabis vaporizer technology company.

Since I was a child, you’d always catch me with a Gameboy or Walkman close by. I spent a lot of time in a truck with my grandpa and those long hours got me hooked on portable gadgets. As I grew older, walkmans and Gameboys turned to iPods and the Nintendo DS. As iPods turned to smartphones and cannabis became part of my life, portable vaporizers were something I quickly became interested in.

I’ve been experimenting with vape pens for around three years. I love gadgets, so I’m quick to jump on bandwagons that involve handheld devices. The first two devices I owned didn’t live up to the hype. The batteries were subpar, the atomizers burnt out fast and weren’t easy to replace.

When thinking about trying a new vape pen, Ganesh Vapes brand has always come to mind since my time as a budtender.

Silver Lamp Kit Unboxing

The Silver Lamp’s packaging is a black rectangle box with copper-orange trim on the logo and font. Pulling off the lid revealed a shiny gold vape pen battery and concentrate chamber. Beneath the battery is a slick white and blue carrying case with numerous accessories inside: an extra coil, dab tool, slick-em jar, and a vape cartridge adapter. The Silver Lamp G-go battery is 650 mah and has a lifetime warranty. The battery has 510 threading count and most vape cartridges screw into the battery.

 Silver Lamp Function

The vape pen has normal functionality. Five quick clicks turn it on and off. If you’re using a vape cartridge, screw on the adapter and your 510 thread cartridge will screw right on. If you’re loading your own concentrates, screw on the Ganesh chamber and slide off the cap. Use your dab tool and place a small glob directly on the coil and replace the cap. Don’t fill up the entire chamber as this will cause a mess and burn your coil out quicker.

Hold the button while inhaling to hit it. There’s an LED light to indicate when the battery is heating up. It lights up when it’s charging and the light turns off when it’s done charging. The instruction manual issues a warning, don’t leave the device plugged in after it’s done charging. This will keep your battery healthy.

The Silver Lamp kit has a cool feature that I’ve never seen on any other device, it’s called “session mode.” While the device is on, click the button twice rapidly and the battery will stay activated for 15 seconds, keeping the battery warm and giving everyone in the circle a solid hit. Pressing the button once again in session mode will turn the battery off. As long as the battery is on, a vibrant green Ganesh logo lights up.

Travel Use

Traveling with the Silver Lamp Kit in my bag has saved the day more than once in the two weeks that I’ve owned it. Sitting at my local Starbucks for hours on end, editing blogs and writing my own content can wear on my mental fortitude. Grabbing my Silver Lamp and stepping outside for a few minutes increased production in the waning hours of the day’s motivation.

This device really saved my life when I was stuck on Snoqualmie Pass for several hours due to driver errors and poor weather conditions. In other words, people drive like assholes through sunshine and blizzards. Traffic stopped and people were meandering through the traffic visiting with each other, others started walking towards the front of the traffic jam to investigate. I decided to pull out my Silver Lamp, some GreenRush Tsi Fly sugar resin, my notebook, and went to work. One hour quickly turned to three and people will hurrying back to their vehicles, and traffic slowly came back to life. I filled several notebook pages with story ideas and planners.

This is where I felt I got my Silver Lamp Kit money’s worth. After being stuck on the pass, I decided this thing is a travel necessity, you never know what’s going to happen or when you’re going to be stuck somewhere for a few hours with nothing to do, but occupy yourself with some pen and paper.

At Home Use

Let’s just get this out of the way. No vape pen will ever replace a dab rig or electronic nail as your complete home concentrate smoking experience. No pen will give you the brain ringing dabs that a perfectly timed quartz banger or an electronic nail at the perfect temperature does.

That being said, I did find a few solid uses for this device at home, namely while I was playing video games. I enjoyed just loading my chamber and taking rips in between Destiny 2 crucible matches. This also prevented bong bubbles and hissing of a butane torch from annoying the people in my party chat. Even when the chamber ran out, it was still faster to throw a dab into the chamber than it would to take a dab or smoke a bowl.

Ganesh Vapes Silver Lamp Kit makes a great gaming and binging companion while you’re glued to your couch. Other than that, I’d stick to your dab rig while you’re home.

Final Thoughts and Concentrate Recommendations

Long story short, I’m a fan of this device. I love the way it looks. From the Gotti gold casing that makes me feel like a proper James Bond villain, to the carrying case, and its accessories. The Silver Lamp delivers quality hits, especially with a full chamber full of dabs or a full vape cartridge. I got 3-5 hours of constant use from a full charge. If you’re looking for a vape pen, there are much worse options than Ganesh Vapes Silver Lamp Kit. You can pick one up with a lifetime warranty for $69.99 on their website. The Silver Lamp kit should be a must-have for any traveling terpene connoisseur.

I think these types of concentrates are best to avoid a sticky mess on your dab tool while loading your chamber. This way you don’t get your entire travel kit sticky. As a rule of thumb avoid terp sauces or greasy sugar resins. You want things that are closer to crumble or shatter. Anything you can grab directly with your fingers will be the best.

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GreenRush Cannabis is a WA i502 producer-processor located in the scenic Snohomish Valley. We produce a clean, sophisticated crop that has become a preferred brand for a number of top shops in Washington state known for our consistent terpene flavor, high quality, and deep impact.