Best Restaurants In Tacoma

Often overlooked by the many passer-byers along the I-5 freeway, Tacoma, Washington surprisingly has some of the best food and cooks people can find. The under the rader, city is  filled with tons of art, foods, and culture that many people don’t ever get a glimpse at. As the city gets busier and more and more people move out of Seattle, there’s one place undoubtedly that a few people will head to and that is Tacoma. Listed below are some of the best restaurants to visit while in Tacoma.


Red Wagon Burgers –

This mouth-watering burger joint is made for the burger lovers. The flavorful and messy, but incredibly filling burger with a side of french fries is an absolute hit for a hungry tummy. Don’t miss out on any of the flavor that may find itself dripping down your forearms!


Europa Bistro –

This place is for the Italian lovers. Mix some homemade skills with some old-school Italian recipes and this is the restaurant that you get. There is tons of flavor in each meal and in the high-quality dishes, don’t forget to grab some wine to make your dinner and experience that much better!

Donnalson’s –

Another mouth-watering restaurant with the old-school recipe book. This fun and soulful restaurant offers live jazz and blues music every single night! This smooth and cool feeling restaurant will have you kicking back and enjoying the fun experience. You might find that you enjoy the fun little neighborhood as well.


Cooks Tavern –

The restaurant with the ever rotating menu. Cooks Tavern seems to have a dish and recipe from every corner of the world! Its mouth watering dishes will be perfect for everyone. The restaurant offers dishes from Cuba and Argentina. Their recipes are sure to make their statement.


Montamara Kitchen –

Enough of the dinners, how about the go-to breakfast spots in Tacoma? Montamara Kitchen has one of the best breakfast spots in the Old Town Tacoma area. It does such an outstanding job of provided the most flavorful breakfast it isn’t fun. Offering roasted potatoes with bacon sandwiches, but don’t forget to grab a cinnamon roll and coffee on your way out!


The Lobster Shop –

Thanks to the beautiful mother nature settings we’re blessed with here in the Northwest, the Puget Sound can be seen all around this lobster shop. Another fantastic place to eat, the weekend brunch buffet will have you coming back for seconds. Be sure to wash down your food with their bubbling champagne mimosas!


Indo Street Eatery –

The owner of the Indo Street Eatery restaurant was born and raised in Thailand. With that being said, he brought all that he learned from helping his family run a market food stall to Tacoma. The incredibly delicious and flavorful food is about as authentic as it gets. It really feels as if the food came right from Bangkok and surrounding areas.


MSM Deli –

A super popular and happening lunch spot, the MSM Deli is the go-to place for fantastic deli sandwiches. With the smell of fresh meats, baked breads and more, this busy deli always manages to stay busy. Be sure to check this place out!


Dirty Oscar’s Annex –

One of the go-to restaurants that can do everything. They offer mouth-watering tacos, burgers, sandwiches and more, this had Guy Fieri shaking in his boots. When appearing on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, it received the food credit that it deserved.


The Table –

A higher end dining experience, without the pretentious shenanigans. With super friendly, caring and knowledgeable staff, you’ll find that the food is just as good. Flavorful and fresh. I might add that most of the ingredients are local as well. The Table is definitely a good date setting as well. You might even find that the entertainment isn’t in the food or your date, but find the entertainment comes from all the passerbyers.


The Red Hot –

Could be the most strange and mouth-watering restaurants in all of Tacoma. With recipes involving peanut butter, bacon, nacho cheese and pickles, you’re going to try a hot dog that you’ve never had before. The madman that put together ingredients and toppings that no one else would have, is probably sitting back and laughing at how much people enjoy the food.

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