Things To Know About Cannabis Terpenes

Have you ever wondered why oranges smell the way they do or thought about the unique taste of a ripe watermelon? Substances called terpenes are responsible for flavor and scent profiles in plants, fruit, and cannabis.

Terpenes play an interesting role for the plant, they emit pungent aromas that deter herbivores. Terpene’s have an even more mischievous method of defense, by attracting herbivores’ predators, Sherman explained. The old adage, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” applies here.

Jake Sherman is employed by Select Label, a tier-three marijuana grow operation.

Marijuana terpenes are secreted from the same gland as THC and CBD come from, per Leafly. Along with creating aromatherapy profiles for each strain, terpene bind and interact with THC and CBD in different ways known as the “entourage effect.” Some of these effects include higher amounts of THC binding to cannabinoid receptors in your brain or controlling how much THC passes through the blood-brain barrier, Sherman said.

There are six common types of terpenes: Caryophyllene, humulene, linalool, limomene, myrcene and pinene. Each one has different characteristics and flavors, Leafly reports.


Caryophyllene showed to voluntarily reduce alcohol consumption in mice, and has cancer and depression-fighting properties.

Humulene also has anti-cancer effects, as well as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects to go with its woody tone.

Linalool is a sedative and antidepressant and has a floral aroma, according to Leafly.

Limomene is the Inspector Gadget terpene, it has a multitude of functions: It helps with depression, stomach and digestion problems, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It allows other terpenes to be absorbed easier through the skin and the digestive-track.

Myrcene is a sedative, analgesic and antibiotic and has citrus and musky qualities.

Pinene is a broncholilator, meaning it dilates the lungs and decreases restrictions in the airway, according to Wikipedia. It can help neutralize short-term memory loss that comes with THC and promotes alertness. It has a sharp, sweet profile.

High Terpene cannabis strains or concentrates with added terpenes are becoming popular in the recreational market because of their flavor and consistency.

“They taste so damn good,” Sherman said.

Karen Sakai works at The Fire House in Ellensburg, Washington. Terpene focused products are in high demand right now. Sakai compares the scene to wine tasting scenes, where taste, flavor, and experience are the main objective of the consumer.


“It’s all the rage right now,” Sakai said.

High terpene strains take more care to extract. The increased difficulty and precision of the extraction process increases the price, Sakai said.

Sometimes, there’s a tradeoff for high terpene content, and that’s a lower THC level. They can have more flavor than effect, but it’s not always the point to get as high as possible.

“I love them, they can really set the tone for having a great day,” Sherman said.

GreenRush Cannabis is a WA i502 producer-processor located in the scenic Snohomish Valley. We produce a clean, sophisticated crop that has become a preferred brand for a number of top shops in Washington state known for our consistent terpene flavor, high quality, and deep impact.

Best Practices For Buying Weed In Washington

Many people are currently visiting pot shops and asking for the weed with the highest THC. While THC is a huge part of the cannabis purchasing equation, there is much more to be looking for than just high percentages. When you’re in Washington, THC only matters so much due to the inconsistencies of the testing at the state-certified labs.

This makes someone’s experience and budtender feedback much more important. One of the first things you should be looking for at weed stores is who the actual experts are. You’ve got to find budtenders you can trust!

Find Budtenders You Trust

We’ve all been to a grocery store or maybe to the mall and experienced a terrible employee. The cannabis industry is not immune to budtenders being terrible employees. They’re not all equal and some are a combination of rude, uneducated, and inexperienced.  Just because you love being high, doesn’t mean you’re educated and up on all things cannabis, it just means you love getting high.

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Look and listen for a budtender that is educated about the products you’re asking about. Millions of people use cannabis. If a budtender can only describe weed as “fire” or “dank”, you might want to take what they say with a grain of salt. Find someone who can communicate with you and other people. Being able articulate strain knowledge in a digestible manner is huge and many stores overlook this valuable asset.

Locate a budtender that can teach you about flavor profiles and terpenes, different genetics that you’ve mentioned you like, how concentrates are extracted and created, and the differences between concentrates. You can’t look at the product outside of packaging in Washington, so budtenders are extra important to relay product information. To find someone who knows all of this stuff is tricky. It takes time, patience, and you’ve got to be willing to be taught something new.

Cannabis Company Knowledge

There are over a thousand cannabis brands in Washington and many of them offer more than one strain or product. The majority of them can be found online via their website or social media. These companies utilize these platforms to educate consumers on new products, current offerings, deals, retail and other partners, plus much more. If you look for transparent brands that do a solid job of communicating product information, there’s a good chance you’re consuming safer products.

Terpenes > THC Numbers

People are still learning about terpenes and why they matter. Although THC packs the psychoactive effects, terpenes and THC combined dictates the specific effects strain by strain. Terpenes produce the aromas we smell and taste with cannabis. Citrus aromas come from terpenes myrcene and limonene. Hazes have terpinolene. Pine aromas come from pinene. Some of these terpenes help more THC cross the blood-brain barrier, which is why a strain can be more effective, despite having low THC numbers. If you find out what terpenes were present in the weed you like, you can shop specifically for that with other brands and strains.

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Be A Shallow Shopper

Not all cannabis is equal. In our state, the way you produce and process your cannabis can be the difference between sitting on a shelf for a year or selling out in a single day. If the weed looks good and you can smell it through the bag or through the glass, buy it. Simple as that.

If the cannabis buds are covered in trichomes or if the flowers feel or sound dense when you shake the container,  buy it. Even if the cannabis ends up being a poor smoke you’ll at least know more about what you’re going for. Good looking weed with lower THC numbers is generally always a better situation than higher THC cannabis that is cheaper, more dry, and outdoor.

Level Up Your Experience!

The overwhelming majority of people still don’t know a damn thing about cannabis. THC matters. Terpenes matter. Moisture, hand-trimming, and trichomes all matter! Until you know more about your cannabis and begin experiencing the different types of flavors and highs, you can really only learn so much. Go find a pot shop, locate a budtender you vibe with, and take a leap of faith.

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Adults 21 and over can purchase up to one ounce of usable cannabis flower, 16 ounces of cannabis-infused edibles in solid form, 72 ounces of cannabis drinkables, and 7 grams of cannabis concentrates.

If you’re a registered medical cannabis patient, the limits are:

Three ounces of usable cannabis flower, forty-eight ounces of cannabis-infused edibles in solid form, two hundred sixteen ounces of cannabis drinkables, and twenty-one grams of cannabis concentrates, per the Washington State Department of Health.