California’s Cannabis Market Going Through Tough Times

Now that 2019 is officially in full swing, cannabis and hemp remain a hot topic. Predictions for California cannabis yearly revenue went up month by month in 2018 and investments started to really come into the industry. With so much change going on, general consumers outside of California haven’t experienced the noticeable different across the sunshine state.

Although recreational cannabis was legalized, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control announced in January of 2018 that medical collectives were only allowed to operate through the end of the year without state permits towards the licensed recreational industry. This means that thousands of co-ops and collectives were allowed to exist with millions of pounds of cannabis cultivated and processed into various types of products.

Many companies have been operating in both the medical and recreational markets since legalization. Some would say that the majority of people from medical days are still leveraging every single day for profit. MJBizDaily’s report shared that medical marijuana collectives and cooperatives became illegal without a state license on January 10th, 2019.

Collectives or co-ops operating without a state permit after Jan. 10th could be raided by law enforcement and potentially shut down, with the employees and operators facing possible criminal charges and civil fines. 

The recreational side (Prop 64) has provided flashier customer experiences but there is limited access to licensed retailers across the state. For years, the medical side (Prop 215) has given cannabis patients the ability to connect with collectives and trusted growers all over California. The legislation is stifling a community that needs a long term solution in order to grow and flourish.

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