Smoke Dirty Girl From Kush Mart, Watch T-Pain In Seattle | TBT

Back in 2014, T-Pain‘s tour stopped by Neumos on a Wednesday night. The sold-out crowd was all the way turned up and overall it was one of the best performances we have ever experienced. The crowd was supportive of most of the openers and some of them were actually quite talented.

J-Key, Louis V, Dirtay, and the host, Neema, were great at keeping the crowd hyped up and entertained as they waited for T-Pain to come on stage. Back then, a few members of the Kush Mart team were able to work alongside Bonaphied Ent and Mr. 10K to capture exclusive footage of the show. Overall, we really enjoyed what each artist brought to the table and loved the classic hits performed by T-Pain.

It was sick to see some of his throwback dancing abilities and it was hilarious when he talked mad sh*t to some of the ladies in the front row. Watch the video below and get in the comments if you’ve seen T-Pain. Was the show you went to more hyped than this one?

T-Pain Seattle Performance

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