Types of Smoking Devices

The original use of cannabis dates back to 500 B.C in Asia, as it was initially used as an herbal medicine rather than getting high. In the history of the United States, cannabis cultivation dates as far back to the Colonial era where it was used for items such as rope and textiles. Because the plant grew fast and had many uses, many countries within this era started growing cannabis.

Around 800 A.D, cannabis was widely used for recreational use in the form of hashish, where the weed was mainly smoked through a pipe. In the United States, people didn’t start using cannabis for recreational use until Mexicans who immigrated to the U.S during the Mexican Revolution introduced it.

In 1937, the United States criminalized cannabis nationwide through the Marijuana Tax Act. Cannabis was completely banned until 1970, when president Nixon repealed the Marijuana Tax act and deemed it as a Schedule I drug. While measures were put in place to enable cannabis to be legally consumed for medical uses, Colorado and Washington were the first states to fully legalize cannabis for recreational use. Currently, there are nine total states that have legalized cannabis.

Even though the legal perception with cannabis is loosening day by day, it is still federally illegal. In addition, many people are still learning and trying to understand cannabis, and this includes the methods of consumption. For people who are trying cannabis for the first time or are experienced, it’s important to know about the different consumption methods to have the best experience possible.

One of the best things about the various consumption methods is that there are many options available to customize the experience. Depending on the consumption method, the cost can vary as some methods will require certain equipment that requires maintenance. For everyone, researching and understanding each way that cannabis can be consumed will guarantee to have the safest and positive experience possible. Before consuming, individuals who are new to cannabis should speak with an industry professional such as a Budtender to have the safest recommendations possible.

Types Of Smoking Devices


Joints are the most common way to consume cannabis. The method is extremely simple as the desired amount of cannabis is used with rolling paper. Smoking weed in the form of a joint is a great option to control the amount of cannabis that will be consumed.

For first time users, this is a great option because it’s inexpensive and requires little to no equipment to consume. Joints can be found at all dispensaries as they are commonly sold pre-rolled. If there is interest in rolling a custom joint, flower will need to be bought instead. For this option rolling paper, and herb grinding, and filter tip will be needed. While filter tips aren’t required to smoke a joint, they will help the smoke be a bit smoother compared to smoking without one.



Similar to using a joint, consuming cannabis through a pipe is extremely simple. As the cannabis is added to the tip of the pipe, it is easy to control the intake. If someone wants to have more control while using a pipe, water-based pipes are a great option because they amplify the control of the airflow. Glass pipes are also popular as they perform the same functions.

One thing to keep in mind with pipes is that they’ll need maintenance from time to time to prevent rust. In a person isn’t willing to clean a pipe, it will eventually break. If a person would rather replace the pipe instead of cleaning it, there are inexpensive options to replace it as small pipes start around $15. For larger pipes, they can be significantly more expensive. In the case of larger pipes, it would be worth it to keep the maintenance up as replacements can get costly.



For individuals who aren’t comfortable with the health effects of smoking with a pipe or joint, vaporizers are a great option as they heat the cannabis to a minimum temperature to inhale. Using a vaporizer can be described as a smoother and more enjoyable experience compared to consuming in other forms. More importantly, it is easier on the lungs when consuming.

Vaporizer are easy to find at a low price, but they can get expensive quickly depending on personal needs and customization. For individuals looking to try a vaporizer, talking with a budtender at a local dispensary and choosing something small and inexpensive is a great start. If an individual likes this consumption method, it will be easier to find customizable products from there.



Consuming cannabis through the form of a concentrate delivers the most intense high compared to other consumption methods. In addition, it requires a fair amount of equipment which in turn can be quite costly in the long run. Concentrates are great for experienced individuals who know exactly what they are looking for and who are willing to maintain and keep the equipment in good shape. For most consumption methods with concentrates, they will require to have a rig (similar to a bong) in the addition to having nails.


For first time consumers, having cannabis in the form of a concentrate isn’t recommended. It’s best to start with a joint or vaporizer, and from there to work up to concentrates. Before investing in certain equipment, trying from a friend’s piece of equipment and speaking with several budtenders is a great start.

Overall, consumption methods come down to each individual’s needs. There are many ways for a person to customize the consumption method to have the best experience as possible. For first time consumers, it’s best to be honest with what you’re looking for and to get a professional opinion from a Budtender at a local dispensary. The most knowledge an individual has about cannabis, it will lead to a more safer and positive experience.

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