THC Is Not The Only Thing That Matters When Purchasing Marijuana

THC Is Not The Only Thing That Matters When Purchasing Marijuana

If you ask around the cannabis industry, most reliable budtenders will say that THC is not the only thing that matters when purchasing legal cannabis.

As the people who consume legal weed become more educated, we’re finding that the customer begins to branch out and search for a variety of “flavors,” otherwise known as terpenes. Each strains aroma and taste are primary reasons why people prefer their favorite strains over others.

Terpenes, along with the compounds CBD, CBN, and CBG, are all components of the cannabis plant that help influence a person’s high.

What is a terpene you ask? Our affiliates at Respect My Region and Leafly describe terpenes as  “the essential oils that give the plant it’s aromatic smell as well as its wide flavor profile. These are found in everyday plants such as lavender, pine trees, and rosemary.”

By themselves, terpenes don’t necessarily get you ‘high’. Once you combine the smoking of terpenes with the combustion of THC and add in each person’s body chemistry, that’s when you’ll get a unique experience from session to session.

Check out Customgrow420’s video further explaining things below.


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