Try These Strains, Bump The Seattle’s Most Stoned EmceesPlaylist

Try These Strains, Bump The Seattle's Most Stoned EmceesPlaylist

Working with the longest running cannabis magazine on the West Coast, the GreenRush team partnered with Respect My Region to book some of the area’s premier hip-hop acts Seattle has to offer. Gifted Gab, Kung Foo Grip, Yodi Mac, and WebbWavvy were selected as the entertainment for tonight and we are very excited to be apart of this event.

To properly prepare for the festivities, we suggest visiting one of our retail partners and picking up one of these strains, the Locktite, Professor Chaos, or Tangelina Jolie, if you’re looking for a great night filled with funky beats, chill vibes, and dope music. You can get to know the performing artist’s music by listening to the playlist below.

RMR x NW Leaf ‘Seattle’s Most Stoned Emcees Playlist:

Each of the performers is well known throughout Tacoma and Greater Seattle. After listening through some of these songs and trying some of our cannabis, would you say you’re a fan? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

Join GreenRush, Respect My Region, and each of the performers at Nectar Lounge on September 27th. This night is guaranteed to be filled with premium cannabis, plus you can hang out and get to know the entire GreenRush team!

*GreenRush Cannabis is a WA i502 producer-processor located in the scenic Snohomish Valley. We produce a clean, sophisticated crop that has become a preferred brand for a number of top shops in Washington state known for our consistent terpene flavor, high quality, and deep impact.

If you consume cannabis or are interested in attending this event, we want to connect with you. Please contact our affiliate cannabis website, Respect My Region via email at

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