Watch “American Horror Story: Cult” With Blue Rush OG Pre-Rolls

Watch American Horror Story: Cult; With Blue Rush OG Pre-Rolls

If you love Blue Dream, but you’re looking for something a little more potent for you next Halloween movie marathon, Blue Rush OG is the flower to pick up. Blue Rush OG is crossed between Pineapple OG and Blue Dream. This plant looks like a short, plump version of Blue Dream, the flower is a bit denser but just as frosty with a terpene profile that has equal hints of berries and sweet pineapple.

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The high from this strain is similar, with more sedation courtesy  Pineapple OG’s genetics. Grab a couple pre-rolls and don’t miss a single scare because you were loading the bong. Now that the cannabis is picked out, what scary movie to pair with it? How about a horror show?

American Horror Story is the FX anthology series that deep dives into humanity’s proclivity for violence and depravity. This is the seventh season and the argument can be made that this is the best season yet. The show lost some steam for a few season but has regained momentum. The opening scenes of the series are real life 2017 election footage; Trump fans cheering and boisterous, while Clinton fans crying and devastated at the election results. This season is an exaggerated commentary about the worst parts of two-party politics, social justice, gender politics and other social issues.

The 8th episode just premiered, so it’s not too late to binge watch the season and catch up before the season finale in three weeks.

*GreenRush Cannabis is a WA i502 producer-processor located in the scenic Snohomish Valley. We produce a clean, sophisticated crop that has become a preferred brand for a number of top shops in Washington state known for our consistent terpene flavor, high quality, and deep impact.

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