Watch Captain America, Smoke The Professor Chaos Strain

Watch Captain America, Smoke Professor Chaos

One of my favorite things to do is rewatch movies in my DVD collection when I haven’t seen them in years. Paring this experience with a weed strain is a great way to get back in touch with films that had a meaningful impact on your youth, it’s a good way to remember why a certain movie is good in the first place. Or, it’s a good way to figure out that a movie sucks and the only things connecting you to it was nostalgia. Cannabis makes the bad aspects of film painfully apparent and makes your appreciate the good for what it’s really worth.

There has been plenty of times that I have returned to a superhero movie and have been unimpressed after the hype and movie theatre shine has worn off. Avengers 2 was a let down compared to the first one. Iron Man 2 was a masterpiece compared to its follow up. The point is 2nd viewing can be disappointing, this was not the case with Captain America: Civil War.

I chose GreenRush’s Professor Chaos as the strain to smoke while I watched Civil War. It’s dank purple flower that might surprise you as a sativa-hybrid. Despite its color, don’t expect any couch lock from this strain. This strain lets me relax and be one track minded on the movie, but there was no hints of sedation or sleep-inducing effects.

Captain America is not only the best film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU,) to date, it’s in the running for best superhero movie ever made. The movie is about the fallout of the first two Avengers movie, as well as the opening sequence of Civil War. The world leaders are tired of The Avengers galivanting about and taking world security into their own hands. They draw up a declaration to make the Avengers accountable to the world governments and not just themselves.

This splits the team into two factions: Tony Stark’s side that says The Avengers need to be roped in. Captain America’s side believes in order to keep the world safe, they need to be able to act as they see fit with no restrictions. This movie is very emotional. You see teammates and friends choose sides they know will pit them against each other.

This leads into the most epic superhero showdown ever seen on film. Spider Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Ant Man and more clash at a German airport for ultimate badass supremacy. This scene is epic, and it allows the movie to live up to its Civil War name. After the battle, it leads to an emotional climax between Iron Man and Captain America. It is the most heartbreaking sequence in the entire MCU, and it changes the entire course of entire Avengers team. Honestly, it’s a bit of a tear jerker for a nerd like me.

Go grab some Professor Chaos and enjoy Captain America: Civil War. This strain lock you in to all of the action and emotion and let you contemplate this movie in an entirely new light. This film is GOOD. And not just for a superhero movie, this movie will surprise you if you aren’t sold on the MCU.

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