Watch These NFL Week 9 Highlights With Crown Royal OG

Watch These NFL Week 9 Highlights With Crown Royal OG

The NFL season is half way over at the conclusion of tonight’s Monday Night Football. This year has been more competitive than most season, it feels like there may be a shift in power coming into the NFL in the next couple seasons. Teams are starting to separate themselves from the rest and the playoff picture is starting to trickle into place.  The Rams and Eagles have the best offenses in the league and they’re only getting better. The Buccaneers are pure pretenders, and it’s clear they will not live up to their “Hard Knox” hype. The Jets show they’re the scrappiest team in the league after being the laughing stock of the pre-season. Catch up with these NFL trends and more  with these week 9 highlights.

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NFL Week 9 Highlights

Bills versus Jets

Falcons versus Panthers

Texans versus Colts

Bengals versus Jaguars

Buccaneers versus Saints

Rams versus Giants

Broncos versus Eagles

Ravens versus Titans

Cardinals versus 49’ers

Redskins versus Seahawks

Chiefs versus Cowboys

Raiders versus Dolphins

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