Watching War For The Planet Of The Apes With Crown Royal OG

War For The Planet For The Apes

Crown Royal OG was an awesome choice for War For The Planet of The Apes. This strain is a indica-dominant hybrid that is sweet and relzxing. This made for a perfect pairing with my Red Vines and Diet Coke. I knew this movie would be intense and emotional, so I wanted an indica to help me stay zoned in and invested in the story.


War For The Planet of The Apes was a fantastic ending to one of the most emotional movie trilogies ever created. For those uninitiated, the gist is this: Human create a virus that gives rise to incredibly intelligent apes while simultaneously killing off the majority of the human species. This gives way to a post-apocalyptic society where humans and apes vie for control.

The final entry of the trilogy does a fantastic job on continuing the narrative of man versus ape and allowing the audience to empathize with both sides of the conflict. Watching the film, I was in a constant moral dilemma, watching humans kill apes, apes killing humans, humans killing humans and apes killing apes. It’s fascinating watching apes take on what we think of as human characteristics and humans take on what we think of as ape-like or savage characteristics when pushed to their respective limits.

It was a joy to watch Andy Serkis over the years and I shed a few tears when I realized this would be the last time I see him on screen. Serkis brings such incredible depth to motion capture, I cannot wait to see the next project he tackles.

Woody Harrelson elevates any project he’s part of and it’s no different this time. The cold and calculated nature of his character is the most dangerous antagonist Caesar and his family of apes have faced thus far. This isn’t one of my favorite Harrelson characters, I feel the writing for the character was a bit cliché, but Harrelson’s performance is spot on throughout the film.

I wouldn’t recommend watching War For The Planet of The Apes before checking out Planet of The Apes and Dawn of The Planet of The Apes before. Each movie starts where the last one left off. It’s a trilogy in the truest sense, and in my opinion, of the better trilogies, I’ve seen in recent memory.