Week 7 NFL Highlight Round Up With Professor Chaos

Week 7 NFL Highlight Round Up With Professor Chaos

Professor Chaos is a sativa hybrid that packs a lot more bark than bite. With such a menacing name, you’d think a conscious slashing experience would follow. What you get is a mellow brain buzz with some body relaxation too. I like using Professor Chaos before I cook or grocery shop. It helps me get creative with the recipes and in the kitchen, but I digress, let’s watch some football.

Week 7 NFL Highlight Round Up With Professor Chaos

Week 7 was a good one. Many had several lead changes and down to the wire finishes. Smoke some Professor Chaos, enjoy these highlights while I lament my fourth straight fantasy football loss in a row because I left 90 points on my bench.

Falcons Vs Patriots 

The Falcons are still hung over from their Super Bowl loss.

Steelers vs Bengals

The Steelers beat the Bengals again,  witness the greatest TD celebration to date.

Bears vs Panthers

The Bears summon a defensive juggernaut as they win with two defensive TD’s.

Saints vs Packers

Aaron Rodgers is on IR, so you can guess how the Packers looked.

Jets vs Dolphins 

Dolphins rally late to win in this NFC East showdown.

Seahawks vs Giants

The Seahawks start slow, but still find enough to beat the WR-less Giants.

Rams vs Cardinals

Goff and Gurley continue to roll in the leagues best offense.

Cowboys vs 49er’s

Zeke ate the 9er’s for lunch, and Zak continues to ball out as a top QB in the league.

Ravens vs Vikings

The Ravens are playing like trash and the Vikings take advantage of it.

Bills vs Buccaneers 

The Bills keep figuring out way to win and Bucs can’t quite figure out  how to win. They’re the most exciting  two win team in the league.

Titans vs Browns

Sloppy football. That’s all.

Colts vs Jaguars

Jags beat down the Colts, who basically looked lost today.

Chiefs vs Raiders

An instant classic in the AFC west. This game ended with three plays with 0:00 on the clock.

Chargers vs Broncos 

Chargers are trending up and the Broncos are falling straight down.

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